28 January 2008

Finishing Spree

I'm great at starting things -- not so great at finishing them. Lately, however, I've been on a finishing streak. Ever since I finished my fair isle/icelandic yoke cardigan sweater (I don't even know what I knit anymore), I've been on a tear getting UFOs wrapped up.

I tore through the Pratchgan letter square and will finish the Automatic Pasta Cooker square tonight or tomorrow (I also thought I could call it The B.S. Johnson Patent Automatic Window for Take-Away Ribs). Photos when I'm finished.

I pulled SotS out of hibernation and am almost finished Hint #7 (of 8). I'm knitting through it now a lot faster than I was before. I'm hoping to have it done within two weeks -- preferably in one week.

I also pulled out the Manly Mitts I'm making for my dad -- a pair of convertible gloves in Misty Mountain Farms Prime Alpaca (yummy!). I think I remember the modifications I'm making to adjust the men's XL to his Hagrid-sized hands.

chug! chug!

Will write more later -- I have to go finish things!

one day I'll have a little program written that knitters can put on their desktop;
when they finish a project, they'll have this lovely little validation screen.


Meredith said...

Finishing is always so satisfying. And I love the finishing wizard!

blogless nina said...

*mortal kombat voice* FINISH IT!!!!

CraftyGryphon said...

Oooo, SotS... I love seeing everyone's when they're done.

I'm still on clue #1 (after I got through #3 and had to unravel everything due to a Bad Lace Experience).

This will probably not keep me from starting SotS-2 over the weekend, though...