21 January 2008

I Can Has Fare Ayul Yok?

It's, ah, very warm. And the good news is that it fits well. All is well, in fact, until we consider the collar. I'm not sure what went wrong at the neck, but it went VERY wrong. My solution is to rip out down to the point where I think the neck ought to be (conveniently located on the top row of a pattern), forgo the ribbed collar and simply bind off. Then all I have to do is weave in the underarms and -- voila! A sweater!

with stylish birch underarm sticks by Brittany (US8)

I can't believe how quickly this knitted up. There are some slight issues with puckering, due to the quick and brutal K1 K2tog decrease row. Next sweater I'd like to have a smoother inter-yoke transition. The good news is that all is smooth between sweater body and yoke.

Proposed neck line:

I was going to make a joke about a standing collar,
but I've got nothin'.

Now that you've finished reading about how mad my knitting skillz are, check out:


Jean said...

Or you can try knitting with the main color as many rows as you ribbed (after ripping back the ribbing) and work in a few more rows of decreases while your at it then knit the ribbing. Beautiful color knitting!

CraftyGryphon said...

U can has yok, but u wil work it... Yeah, I've done the k2tog decreases, and discovered that if I broke it in thirds over three rows, I didn't get as much "pucker". Getting it to go with the fair isle pattern can be a pain in the yok, though.