28 May 2007

Quick post, project pr0n.

As promised, here are the sock pictures... along with some gratuitous yarn pr0n.

I spun some Corriedale, then I plied it:

Along with my many projects, I made a niddy-noddy out of a baluster and a dowel rod. I sanded the living bejeezus out of it, and I will probably stain it at some point. Here is the niddy-noddy sporting the color-corrected plied Corriedale:

Last post I wrote about the Exchequered scarf. I am happy to report that I started out following the pattern, and then branched off and started knitting my own random pattern. Here are the results thus far:

It's Chancellorific!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for....


That's all for now... arrivederci!

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