18 May 2007

I has a mittenz for teh kiddiz!!!111!

Heard about a good cause on Sheep Shots (via Rabbitch)-- knitting mittens for the children of the Cheyenne River (Lakota Sioux) Reservation in South Dakota, USA. Ann sez, "Situated in one of the poorest areas of the United States and also one of the coldest in the winter, Cheyenne River is home to many, many children." The goal is to knit 7 pairs of mittens by 1 October. I'm always glad to do stuff for charitable causes (I have a part-time job volunteering for a non-profit), but I'm a little anxious about this. I'm ready and willing to jump into new knitting projects -- but what if my mitten knitting just sucks? The photo that keeps popping up in my mind is this one, from icanhascheezburger:

Then I realized: doggie's mittenz are not knitted. That is why doggie does not like its mittenz. Everybody knows that mitted knittenz are teh roxxor. OMG i knittz teh kiddiz 1337 mittenz to match teh scarf!!!!1111!

Whew. Apparently I spent too much time looking at the Worth 1000 1337 photoshop contest...

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