16 April 2008

It's okay to breathe now.

There's still work to be done, but at least the mean, scary deadline is past. So the pressure is much, MUCH less. Which means more time for knitting! I'm going to Target tonight and will pick up some Li batteries for my camera. Over the next few days I hope to get some good pictures of the stuff I knitted before the super-crazy-busyness set in, the Nutkins (which are finished! hooray!) and also some pictures of my current work in progress.

Plus, I hope to have some extra-special photo-and-story Knitting Adventure goodness after this Saturday!

Stay tuned -- good things in the works here!

Giardini La Mortella - Fontana Bassa
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07 April 2008

Work is grand.

Bad things happen when you work 12-15 hours a day, seven days a week. Well, normally I don't get into too much trouble when I'm working this much -- because, hell, I'm at work all the damn day.

First, I start swearing more freely.

Second, I feel justified in buying myself things to offset the crushing suckitude that is working this much.

Example 1: They sell German Chocolate cake by the slice at the grocery store near work. Normally, I'd pass it by without a second thought. But I'm working all day, which means -- I DESERVE CAKE. Cake makes me happy. Happy worker = higher productivity. Cake = increased productivity.

Example 2:
The Nordstrom's catalog came today. I looked through it at lunch. I saw a handbag and a dress that I like. I saw a sexy stiletto pump. Then I saw another sexy stiletto pump. The overworked, sleep-deprived, feverish wheels in my head started to turn.

I want them. Oh my goodness, I'd look sooo good in those. Oh, those are sexy shoes. Damn, they'd make my legs look AWESOME. Where can I wear them... where can I wear those things? Hot damn, I have a bunch of weddings this summer! I could wear the dress, which goes with the beautiful handbag, and the sexy sexy stilettos.

Automatic accountant sets in: that totals $XXXX.

Overworked, sleep-deprived, feverish brain: WANT.

Accountant brain: $XXXX. You are saving your money for a spinning wheel.
Overworked brain: I'm averaging about $XXX in billable hours a day. I made more this week than all of last October. F*** you, budget brain. You can't put a price on me looking gorgeous. I deserve it.

Accountant brain: Bloody hell, I can't argue with that.

Overworked brain: I knew I worked for a reason. Oooooh, I need a hat...
Accountant brain: NO NEW HATS!

Overworked brain: Must have a hat. Wedding = hat. Feathers!
Accountant brain: I'm going to lose this one, aren't I?
Overworked brain: Yep.

So now, in a few days, I'll have a box full of pretty dresses to try on, and a pretty handbag, and some hot new shoes. And then, my friends, I'm going hat shopping. Hopefully after I get some sleep. Eight days to go.

feather and netting fascinator by Simply Devine, UK.

On the knitting front, I'm down to the foot of Nutkin #2. I still haven't bought batteries for my camera. After 15 April (for my non-American readers, that's our tax filing deadline), things should calm down considerably. I'll get back to regular knit-blogging after then.