17 August 2008


link to cherryred's post, with pictures!

WE DID IT! <--clicky for awesome write-up and photos

Three cheers for Shirley, for organizing and sewing up this wonderful creation!

(I know I'm not the only AMKG Raveler thinking: I can see my squares! SQUEEE!)

If you were wondering, I did the E in "ATEN'T" and the square that's -- starting at the bottom left corner, two over and three up -- the black and yellow twisty cables. It has a label on it that identifies it as "B.S. Johnson's Patent Automatic Pasta Cooker and Rib Take-Away Window."

09 August 2008

And now for something weird.

Last night I dreamed I met the Yarn Harlot.

Not to insult the Harlot, but that hasn't exactly been a long-standing desire for me. I've been meaning to go to her events, and I've been meaning to read her books, but so far all I've managed is a half-hearted blog-stalking. Granted, the bits of her blog I've read have been hugely entertaining. I like reading her blog because it inspires me to knit more: The Harlot's knitting; why aren't you?

So it was kinda weird when, last night, I dreamed that I was walking along a path on a beautiful stretch of land really similar to what I saw in pictures of her trip to Newfoundland. She was standing there and she smiled and she asked me to do something for her: spell out the word "laugh" in glitter and icing. It was surprisingly difficult. I had to do the serifs in icing and the lines of the letters in glitter, in these big, playful loopy letters. I accidentally smudged icing on her baby (she left her few-months-old baby lying on the ground for some reason), and I apologized, and she said it wasn't a problem. When I finished, there was a group of people there and they cheered. And we all had cupcakes and were happy. And then I woke up.

What I've taken from this is that the world needs more cupcakes. And I'm going to go work on that shawl now.

06 August 2008

brief update

This post is a bit of a cop-out, since it's mostly just to say, "hi, I'm not dead, and I haven't stopped knitting."

So there you go.

Chugging along on the Firmaments Shawl. I am now on the third (last circle)... and even though I knew at the last increase I was doubling the amount of stitches, I'm still not used to how long it takes just to knit one round.

Pictures soon.

Unrelated: I spent a happy half-hour (or so, I don't remember how long it actually is) this morning watching Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.