10 May 2007


As you may have guessed, my stash is getting a little out of hand. Most of the yarns have their territories staked out: the baby alpaca sits proudly on the top shelf, secure and serene; the cotton hanks are piled in neat stacks according to color and type; the coarse wools are huddled into a cramped corned in the back of the middle shelf. With each new addition, however, the bookshelf becomes more crowded--and the natives are restless.

The Cascade Fixation threatens to tumble off the edge at any moment. All it needs is a slight push from the worsted-weight camel down, whose territory is currently under threat from several skeins of lace-weight June cotton. The mercerized Egyptian cotton is rankled by encroaching pima cotton/modal skeins, which in turn are being forced out by the sudden population bloom of Noro Silk Garden. There's a rumor that the recycled sari silk is on the floor because the merino sock yarn heard that its knitted sari-scarf project was finished and promptly deposed it--however, at the time of questioning by Knit Goddingdom authorities, the sock yarn denied all involvement. Sadder still, the yarn that would be one of the jewels of my stash, my new Prime Alpaca from Misty Mountain, is currently taking shelter in a plastic bag on the floor, huddled against common rovings.

As the leader of Knit Goddingdom, my responsibilities include the welfare of all yarns in my possession. I can no longer allow yarns to sit neglected for months on end, waiting in hopes that one day they might be chosen for a project, spending their spare moments hanging out at the corner doughnut shop, becoming gradually derelict--like so many socialites in St. John ditching their David Yurman for dog collars, getting tattoos and taking up graffiti in absence of lunches to host and charitable organizations to run. I must send these yarns to better homes and higher uses. It is a tough decision, because yarn is like fat on one's ass: so easy and fun to gain, so difficult (and sometimes painful) to remove.

I have requested to join Destash. I am going to go through my stash and select some pieces I can most bear to part with. I don't want to get rid of any of them... but... c'est la vie. I'll post more about this when I actually have stuff up for sale.

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