01 June 2007

Ride a Painted Pony...

I'd like to write that I've been knitting some stuff that's awesome+1, but I can't.

I haven't been knitting.

I have been spinning... so far I've worked through about 1/4lb of Leicester Longwool. It's a dream to spin. I say that because it's easy. That, and I haven't thrown my orifice hook at anyone (yet). I need to rename my orifice hook. It sounds as though I'm either using an Ancient Egyptian brain-liquefying device or something that's not appropriate to mention in front of under-eighteens and involves a safe word. Hmmm, maybe I'll keep calling it by its proper name, after all. Make people wonder what I'm up to.

Yesterday, while I was burning time before my massage, I ran into various antique stores in the area searching for chandeliers, mantels and dining tables. I didn't find anything I liked--but I DID find a vintage Saxony-style spinning wheel, with all its parts--except the drive belt--intact. It's a bargain price ($95) but I'm skeptical--the cast-iron footman was a bit wobbly, and the spinning wasn't wholly smooth. I don't know whether that's anything I'll be able to fix. Even if $95 is a whole lot cheaper than shelling out $600 for a new one, it isn't worth anything if I don't like the way it spins. The wheel is a bit beaten up, but I could either do a quick touch-up with a pen, or I could strip, spackle and refinish it.

Big changes have been underway in my personal life, which may help explain why I haven't been posting much lately. I'm considering a career change--getting a real job!--as well as pursuing internship opportunities and scheduling informational interviews with professionals in the field. I'm also preparing my applications for grad school and making sure I have all the prereqs for all the schools I'm considering--or at least, as many as possible. Next Monday I begin French classes. For one of the programs, I have to pass a reading competency exam in both French and German, so the sooner I get started on those languages, the better. If only Italian were a prereq, I'd be set! The cool upside is that when I'm finished, I'll be competent in five languages!

These steps are a big deal for me, because in the past I wasn't able to take them. I knew what I wanted to do, but I was afraid to pursue it. It's taken me a couple years and a couple side ventures to figure it out (MS in Chemistry, anyone? No?), but I'm finally here and sure and ready to go. *Whew* So hang on to your britches, this ride's just getting started...

Don't worry; I'll continue posting with all the snark, frivolity and obscure references you've come to love.

Here ends the [sotto voce] very serious entry. And now, back to our regularly scheduled insanity...

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