15 June 2007

Crochet is for Crap

11:13 AM
I had finished knitting the Emperor's New Scarf this morning, and had started setting in the crocheted borders when I realized that I don't like crochet very much. I know I have to set in these little borders. They're quick and easy... and mildly irritating. They oughtn't be irritating, though, because they're so easy. It could be that my blood sugar's low and I'm getting cranky. After a steak and cheese from the local deli, I may feel otherwise about these crocheted borders. I may discover that they're delightful, marvelous little things and I'd like nothing better than to sit here all day and crochet little border thingies. Ok, I'm going to go try that. Will report back.

11:50 AM
That scarf looks like it needs some work. I'll get around to it in a bit.

11:55 AM (after two spoonfuls of chocolate Ben & Jerry's1)
Think I'll work on that scarf now.

12:47 PM
Have run out of words to describe how much this sucks. I'm not even half way through one end of the scarf... and there are TWO ends. I'm starting to think that the happy little stitchy-face drawing in the Lucy Neatby logo is solely there to mock and provoke me.

Hey, I was working on that scarf a while ago, wasn't I?

1:33 PM
One more. Come on, Courtney. You can do one more. Start the drudgery music. Today's selection is the guards that march outside the Wicked Witch of the West's castle. Oh-ee-oh, oh-OHHHHH-oh. Oh-ee-oh...

2:06 PM
There's three more, plus a lot of reading. I deserve a medal.

This is one of the most dreadfully ugly things I have ever made.

2:43 PM
Ran out of English swear words; have moved on to Italian. French curses are ready in reserve. I have to get this stupid thing done today. Tomorrow I am baking a Dutch apple pie, a coconut cake, and creme de menthe brownies all from scratch. I may make a coconut cream pie if I have time. I do not have time to work on this tomorrow.

2:54 PM
Screw it. I'm going to go home and listen to my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix audiobook.
Uh, did I mention I'm at work? How did you know it's Friday?

1 This was not commendable self-control. That's all that was left in the container.

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