16 June 2007

Scarf for a Red Hatter... I Must Be Mad.

This scarf is unbelievably hideous. If it weren't for my grandmother's delight with these yarns, and the fact that she'll probably love it, I would rip out every last bit of this shiny purple crap and put in some respectable contrast, like a nice smooth black cotton. No one can respect anything that is both shiny and purple. Keep that in mind for job interviews, kids.1

The second part of my beef with this scarf is the finishing involved. Normally I don't loathe finishing knitted items. I might be loath to do it for a time, but I understand that finishing is one of those necessary things that makes it all pretty to wear at the end. But the finishing here... knotting and carefully sewing in a seemingly infinite number of slippery shiny purple thread ends... it's enough to drive one mad.

1 Hey, I know there's at least one of you out there writing down, "Purple pleather miniskirt--ixnay on the ob-jay interview-ay."

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