25 January 2008

Third Time's the Charm...

for this sweater neck, I hope. I took Jean's suggestion and included some decreases in the neck ribbing. They worked beautifully. The only problem is that I decreased a little too vigorously, and the tight bind-off I used is--well, tight. This means that the sweater will just barely fit over my big fat head; taking the sweater off again threatens acute loss of ears and/or nose and requires Level 8 Dressing Gymnastics to avoid facial/cranial injury (Level 9 Dressing Gymnastics is getting one's butt and thighs into designer jeans without cutting off circulation to one's lower legs -- my signature trick is a half-speed side kick, followed by a roundhouse, one knee, one back kick and a couple power squats).

The other thing is that the neck comes right up to my throat and I have ├╝bersensitive skin (it turns red at the suggestion that it might have something it thinks it might not like in its vicinity... how I managed to even knit the sweater is one of the world's great psychosomatic mysteries) -- I'd prefer to have the neck not be so cozy and wear a scarf as necessary. So, it looks like tomorrow I'll rip out one or two rows and bind off. The underarms are grafted and, while they may not be a master work of Kitchener, they don't look half bad. Most importantly, it fits.

Next step is to order some soak and block this baby.


Next order of business: the Pratchgan (see Ravelry). I finished my letter E block and am brainstorming for my original block. I'm going to do some swatching and test runs later and will post pics of the progress. I'm sticking with my plan to do a Bloody Stupid Johnson invention -- btw, did you see the Bloody Stupid Johnson hat on knitty?

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