04 January 2008

I Said 'Do You Speak-a My Language?'

So I spent a little time last night translating this pattern into English. I have a small obsession with Evilla Artyarn, even though I've never seen any in real life. The colors are magnificent and I want to make something with it.

If you want to test knit the Mettes Kaffetaske pattern, here you go. All I ask is that you leave me some feedback as to whether it worked.

***Begin Pattern***

Bag knitted with ~100g Evilla Artyarn.

Finished measurements: ~22cm wide x 30cm high x ~8cm deep.

CO 48 sts on needles (#5? 5mm? 5 needles?)
Knit 30 ___ st st and [something something -- "slut med en retpind?"]. I think you need to knit a rectangle and bind off.

Pick up now 15 sts along the short side, 48 sts along the long side and again 15 sts along the short side.

Join and place markers. Begin rounds:
1st round: K 1 round st st.
2nd round: K2, Inc next st, K46, Inc2 next st, Inc2 next st, K13, Inc2 next st, Inc 2 next st, K46, Inc 2 next st, Inc 2 next st, K13, Inc2 next st.
3rd round: K 1 round.
4th round: sort of like round 2; I didn't feel like writing all that out again.

You now have 142 sts on the needles. After this, K all rounds until you have the desired height of the bag.

Handle: Something about beginning with markers... K18, BO16, K55, BO16, K37.
K18, CO 30sts over the place where you BO16 last time, K55, again CO30sts at the other BO row, K37.
K about 25 or 30 rounds and BO.

[A couple sentences I don't understand]

Felt it. I assume you know how to felt. And I hope that's what the directions said to do, otherwise you're going to have an evening bag instead of a small tote.

You now have an awesome bag.

***End Pattern***

With skilz as mad as these, you'd think the offers to hire me as a translator would be pouring in...

1 comment:

Meredith said...

I would bet that's knit 30 rows st st, and then, if you've slipped stitches at the edge (maybe that's the "slut med en retpind" bit), that would give you 15 stitches to pick up on each edge.

And maybe you don't bind off? Although "bunden af tasken" sounds an awful lot like bind off to me (I'm working on the assumption that Danish is like German). But if you bind off, and then pick up stitches on only three sides, you don't have a round. Or maybe you do bind off and then pick up stitches on all four sides, but there's an error in the pattern...

In any event, good luck! I have yet to be brave enough to attempt knitting in any language other than English...