18 January 2008

Sweaters and Snow

I've started on the fair isle part of the sweater, and guess who didn't do a gauge swatch. The gauge is actually fine, because I'm pretty conscientious about not pulling it too tight -- the problem was the composition. I decided, after I knitting a couple rounds, that I didn't like the blue next to the charcoal... there was change in color, but not much difference in value.

The blue is a bit darker -- this is in direct sunlight

So I pulled out the needles, surgically inserted them a couple rows back, then ripped out the blue. I started re-knitting the formerly-blue section with light grey, which was going to be reserved to replace the white highlights. I'm not sure exactly how this is going to all play out, but the good thing is that if it's terrible, I can always rip it out and re-knit it, and all I will have lost is the time I spent knitting it while watching Project Runway (I have cable TV for the first time in my life -- while most of it is crap, there are a few interesting things on).

It snowed yesterday -- all day there were these HUGE snowflakes falling gently down in the first real snowfall of the winter. Since it's now in the low 40s, most of it is melting away, but I managed to take a couple pictures when I woke up this morning.

view from my bedroom window

view from the kitchen window

view from the back porch,
overlooking part of the pond

The snow turned out to be a good thing -- not just because it's beautiful and I had a wonderful time just sitting on the sofa, drinking my tea and watching it fall; and not just because I had the day off work -- because I was home all day, and around lunchtime the Verizon man came by. That's right -- I have internet at home now! Which means eye candy for you guys! Yay!


Meredith said...

Hooray for the internet!

I'm curious to see how your sweater turns out. I like your color choices.

It's really too bad the snow didn't stick around longer, though. I like winter (or at least the snowy part of winter; I'm not such a fan of the dark early bit) and I feel deprived of it here.

blogless nina said...