05 September 2007

Future Projects

I. J'ai commandé le catalogue n° 198 du Anny Blatt Couture.

Je veux faire le Boléro Anastase.

I was thinking of edging it in ostrich feathers instead of the (pink) fluffy stuff in the picture. I found this site, which sells ostrich feathers sewn onto sticky bias tape by the yard. I really like the coque feathers, too.

I'm thinking about making this for the Chanel class... because the jacket I'm knitting for mom feels SO nice next to the skin, it would be a shame to cover it with lining.

In theory, this is brilliant. "I'm going to make this jacket for mom, and then I'm going to knit an intricate bolero for myself by October 14th, in addition to my other projects." In practice... I don't know exactly how I'm going to find the time to make all these things (see point IV). But, as you all know: where there's a knitter, there is an impossibly large number of UFOs being finished.1

Some people get this stressed about their work: "I have to get this report finished by 11, then I have to catch the train to New York; I'm meeting so-and-so for a late lunch and then the Bigwigs of Big Companies for dinner, then tomorrow morning's the board meeting..." I'd rather get stressed about knitting. It's much more productive and meaningful in the long run. Not that corporate America doesn't have its benefits... but in five years no one is going to care how brilliant my presentation to MegaCorp was. In ten years, I'll still care about my knitting projects. Work = money => freedom. Knitting => lasting pleasure.

I looked up the recommended yarn, Anny Blatt "Caprice," which is like hen's teeth in the black color, not to mention expensive (11 balls at $18/ball? Maybe not). I decided to substitute knitpicks' "Panache" in Coal. I ordered three colors for the trim in Anny Blatt "Victoria." One is black, the second ivoire (which is supposed to be ivory, but on the Yarndex swatch card looked more like a platinum, so we'll see) and the last is Beryl, a pink mix.

II. I have yarn. I want to make a pair of Pomatomuses (Pomatomi?). This is a serious back-burner project. Maybe even behind the "there's no way in you-know-what I'm spending $500 on a sweater that I have to make" Wild Stuff project.

III. Current Project Listing (thanks, Excel!)
Whoa, I looked at the spreadsheet I had made up for my knitting projects, and it needed some updating. It also reminded me of projects I had abandoned, such as the Sophia Babydoll. All it needs is to crochet the straps and attach the feathers.
Knitting Projects In Progress
% Complete Materials Pattern
Sophia Babydoll x 80 x x
UA knit beanie for Bryan x 5 x
Crinoid Shawl x 33 x x
Thrummed Mittens x 60 x x
Jacket for Mom x 5
x x
Black Berrocco Chinchilla Wrap
0 x x
Icarus Shawl
Navy Basketweave Sweater for II
0 x x
Blue Cabled Sweater for II
0 x x
Boléro Anastase (Anny Blatt)

IV. Secret of the Stole KAL
I joined my first mystery KAL! Will update more on this once I decide on a yarn and beads. Yes, beads (!!!). I'm super-psyched about it. I have until 4 October to procure and swatch said materials--then the fun begins!

1 Proviso 1: Provided that the knitter is not knitting a 40" baby blanket in Dale of Norway "Baby Ull" on size 2 needles.

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