14 September 2007

I Have a Problem....

Hi, my name is Courtney
and I have a stash problem.

[this is where you say, "Hi, Courtney."]

I was looking through knitty, and saw the pattern for Cherie Amour. I promptly went to the handpaintedyarn.com site and bought 4 skeins of bulky merino in the "Mediterranean" colorway. That is, I sorta bought them. The paypal link thingy isn't working, but I wrote a comment on the "Contact Us" page and asked for assistance. Correction: the link-through to Paypal was wonky with Firefox, fixed it by using badbadevilinternetexplorer(hissss!). Must--have--yarn.

I'm sticking to my No Stash Without a Project resolution. The problem is that now, instead of stash, I am accumulating projects faster than I can knit them. Can't buy yarn? No problem. I'll buy an entire sweater's worth and the pattern to go with it.

I need help.

So I asked my psychiatrist about what is clearly yet another Pathological Something-or-Other and he said that if they put me on any more psychotropic pills, I might turn purple, or grow slimy yellow tentacles, or have other adverse side effects. He's a great guy. His name's Mitch and he hangs out on the corner of 12th and Magnolia. While he doesn't have an office per se, it is mighty convenient that I don't have to make a separate trip to the pharmacy. *sigh* Looks like this is one problem I'm going to have to conquer without chemical assistance.

At the same time, I can't help but wonder: the slimy yellow tentacles... could they hold needles? Even if I only grew two slimy yellow tentacles... two tentacles, two hands... two projects at once, baby. I'd have to knit superwash projects with the tentacles, of course, and save silk for the hands. This is assuming that yellow slime washes out... anyone ever tried it?1

Okay. Break open the Champagne.

1 I'm a big fan of Seventh Generation detergent (NAYY). I once used it to wash an entire large mocha out of my shirt (thanks, Panera, for not putting the lid on tight) and every last bit came out. That's coffee, chocolate and milk. Together. All out. If anything could get out yellow slime, Seventh Generation could.

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