18 March 2007

Your Knitting Blog Fix

Hey everybody! Sorry for the posting dearth. I've been ill for a while, but thanks to my fantastic internist, I will soon be right as rain. Admit it, you missed me. It wasn't as bad as those 3 months without new Strong Bad emails, but you missed me.

Between illness and tax season (the dreaded crunch time for accountants, where work is like Finals Week from January until 15 April), I haven't knitted as much as I'd like to. I've been working on Sophie in my spare time and hope to have pictures posted tonight, or Monday. I'm through working the bit on US6 needles and am ready to start with US7.

Unrelated to knitting (you knew it was going to happen), here's an article I found fascinating. In layman's terms, a group of professional nerds working for the government put water under mega-high pressure and produced red-hot ice in a matter of nanoseconds. Yes, I admit that I think phase changes are interesting. I also spent a bunch of time reading back articles on progress made with single- and multi-walled carbon nanotubes. They're really cool. I did some research on them while working on my Master's (in chemistry). Everybody should learn about carbon nanotubes... they're fascinating in their versatility. They should introduce it to kids in high school chemistry classes... just to get the kids hooked on science.

Ok, back to work, back to knitting. Check back later for pics.

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