04 March 2007

Mon Petit Chou (revised 5 mar 2007)

The following includes a tutorial which most people probably don't need but maybe someone will find useful. To skip the tutorial, you can click here, because I just learned how to do a very simple HTML taggy thing!

cast on for Mon Petit Chou the other day, thanks to Eunny's tutorial on invisible cast-on. The link from the knitty pattern was not helpful; the explanation in my Reader's Digest Knitter's Handbook was confusing at best.

na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na CAST-ON!

The wooden needle was my working needle (I was knitting with US6 Brittany needles)

The metal top needle has stitches picked up from the provisional cast-on edge.

The right metal needle holds the stiches made from two-to-one knitting.


1. the two-needle foldover thing is weird. Here are some close-up pics--with super-fantastic neon highlighting.1 Basically you pick up the stitches from your provisional cast-on with your second needle (the top metal needle at right), then you fold them and knit top and bottom together.


3. 4.


this two-to-one knitting creates a double-thick edging at the bottom. Ingenious!


And here's what I have so far. I'm a little concerned because I'm almost halfway through the front panel and I'm a bit worried about just how tall these cute little knickers are going to be. They can be lace-up all they want and as holey as Baby Swiss -- but if they get too tall, they're basically see-through lace-up granny panties. Slightly sexier, non-shaping Bridget Jones-style underwear.

There's nothing inherently wrong with granny panties2. They can be rather comfortable, and I know women my age who wear them. The problem is that they are their own species of undergarment and ought not be included in any description of sexy little knits.

It's all scrunched up right now, so you can't see the lace bit. The lacework will show when it's stretched out. For scale, the piece above is ~10"/25cm at its widest. So, um, it had better stretch. A lot.

The situation calls for genuinely tiny knickers.

1. I am the Photoshop Master; bow to my awesome MS Paint-like skills.
2.That, and I have a strong dislike for the word "panties." *shudder*

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