07 March 2007

Stash Enhancing Experience

So... I bought some yarn.
I wanted to experiment with different fibers. I found Taiga Yarns, a discount online place which imports Russian yarns. Here's the haul:

Unusual #15, a 100% Goat Down in its natural, undyed state. Apparently it still has lanolin in it-- because it still smells like goat. Most yarns bound for the U.S. are pre-washed to remove the lanolin. From what I've read, the once the lanolin is washed out, the yarn becomes more full and soft. And loses the fresh-from-the-pen, one-step-from-asking-"where's-my-chèvre?" smell. Right now I still feel as though it needs to be fed and watered. I swear I saw it chewing on my sweater.

Leaving the smelly yarn in its pen, we move on to:

Baroness, a 50/50 camel/acrylic blend. Normally I run screaming from acrylic, but I wanted to see what it was like. That, and the natural-colored 100% camel was sold out.
However, they did have:

Mellow Camel, 100% camel, dyed black.

Angora, 50/50 Angora/wool
I bought this one for its color. It's not extremely soft, but it's soft enough.

and several colors of:

Deluxe, a 100% wool sock yarn (I'm thinking of making Chuck's Cabled Socks by Eunny)

I bought these yarns without a specific purpose in mind. Except maybe the sock yarn... but then again, I haven't ever knitted socks. It was mostly curiosity, and I'm for the most part pleased.

Just don't mention the yarn order I placed yesterday for hand-painted sock yarn. 2800 yards of 100% Merino from Mystical Yarn Creations, to be exact...

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Nick said...

THIS IS THE BEST KNITTING BLOG 3V4R!! Seriously, it rocks.