24 July 2007


Oh boy, do I have lots of things to share!

First up, Ravelry. I signed up for it a while back. They have a feature where you can check where you are in line. I was hesitant to do this, because of a certain country club... I don't know how much my readers care about country clubs, but the usual course of business is that you have to (1) be recommended by a certain number of members and (2) wait roughly half an eternity to purchase your Porsche Carrera membership. Depending on the club, it may take anywhere from 4-10 years after application. I know of at least one club where if you ask where you are in line, they automatically strike you from the list--but, in true genteel style, do not tell you this. Your opportunity to join simply never arrives, and subsequent appeals are met with a smiling--and deaf--ear. I guess it's sort of like how if you know someone is lying, you do not give them the lie. You simply do not give credence to anything they have to say from that point on.

So I was torn between my curiosity to know exactly how long I may have to wait to try out Ravelry and my fear that I may unwittingly banish myself from its bounds for all eternity. I weighed in that knitters are less likely to put in some evil clause such as "if you ask where you are in line, we don't want you, you impertinent bounder." So I checked.

I know, it's so hard to believe that I am not automatically invited to join, since I'm obviously as famous as the Harlot. I've given lectures and programs all over Knit Goddingdom. There are at least a few books in my head (I think I've just misplaced them). I've already received a bajillion dollar advance to write my next knitting novel in my head by Knit Goddingdom Publishers, LLC.
It's no wonder that they elected me Supreme Empress of this country. Mad knitting skillz go a long way with the voting populace.

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