03 October 2008

Additions to the Family

There have been some additions to the family.

First, there was the adoption of the Two Horrid Fluffy Things. I try to stay away because when I'm near them I start sneezing madly and my sinuses set up blockades, but apparently these Horrid Fluffy Things have some sort of mind-control device that makes me want to come near them. It's as though no matter how much I don't want them around, I can't help but check compulsively whether they have sufficient kitten kibble and a full water dish. I'm not sure of the exact nature of this mind-control device, but I suspect that it has its roots in their teensy tiny barely-audible cries of, "meep!" whenever I'm within striking distance. And I somehow find myself within striking distance of their SHARP POINTY TEETH! fairly often.

I present, for your inspection, Thing One and Thing Two:

Thing One, Domestic Longhair, aka "Bella"
Bella enjoys batting around the little green ball with the orange
thing that rolls around inside it, gnawing on my finger and
cuddling up against me. Her life goals include leaving me covered in white cat hair.

Thing Two, Domestic Shorthair, aka "Coco"
Coco has already developed a love-hate relationship with the
fluffy-ball-on-a-long-spring toy and in her spare time enjoys
attempts to groom my hand with her sandpaper tongue.

A few days ago my sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl, so now I have a niece!

Then, later this evening, a box arrived. I opened it and was engulfed in packing peanuts. Took me half a day to dig my way out; I was forced to subsist on nothing but Ghirardelli
dark chocolate squares with creamy mint filling....

I'm in a much better place, now. More to follow!

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Meredith said...

Aww... The horrid fluffy things are adorable! I hear you on the allergies, though. If I'm around cats for more than about 15 minutes, I get the itchy eyes, runny nose, etc., and if it's more than a few hours, I start having an asthmatic reaction that leaves me feeling like my lungs have been stolen. So no cats for me, which is really tragic, since I grew up with them and would love to have a few.

That box - spinning wheel?