10 October 2007

The Knit Goddingdom Five O'Clock News

  • Boléro Anastase
    • frantically working to finish homework
    • ordered 3 yards of 2" curled ostrich feather for edging from CA
    • praying that feathers arrive by Friday
    • G Street for lining and notions Thursday
    • hoping to finish during my class at Stitches East
  • Bryan's Beanie
    • finally found the perfect pattern
    • cast-on after Stitches East
  • Crinoid Shawl
    • excruciatingly close to finished
    • will not work on it until after Boléro Anastase is complete.
    • only four more rows, then bind-off
  • Jacket for Mom (aka Belled-Sleeve Cardigan)
    • on hold until Crinoid and Boléro Anastase are complete.
    • still really like it
  • Secret of the Stole
    • planning to cast on after Stitches East.
    • bought beading wire and flexible needles; will try with pearls
Current reading (er, listening... I listen to audiobooks whenever I'm in the car--it's hard to have road rage when your imagination is engaged--and a lot of the time I'm knitting):
  • Pratchett, Terry. Going Postal.
    • Just finished it. It's brilliant and hilarious. It was my first Discworld novel, and was a good introduction to the goings-on of Ankh-Morpork.
  • Pratchett, Terry. Reaper Man.
    • A little slower than Going Postal. Would not the best introduction to the Discworld novels. Even though the pace lags slightly, I can't stop listening to it.
  • Herbert, Brian. Dune.
    • haven't started it yet. I've seen the TV miniseries and have heard that the book is much, much better.
Never fear, the snark and insanity haven't left... they've simply been too busy to sit down and chat. Never fear, they shall return. With teeth. Sharp, pointy teeth of... ah... yes! sharp, pointy teeth of truth, light and justice. I imagine they probably also glow in the dark.

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Gammy aka Peggy said...

Wow, you got to go to a fiber fest and you are going to Stitches East!!!!! In my dreams. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Good thing is shortly following my daughter's wedding we have another we have to be at. So, no time for chit chat. :) Most of 'em don't like me anyways so who gives a flip. :)