19 October 2007

The Lust List

Get your bibs on, folks. I'm bringing out the drool-worthy. This is a list of yarns I've seen, heard about, or otherwise tracked down online that if the moon and the stars lined up, would be in my stash:

First up: MULE-SPUN TWEED. Beaverslide Dry Goods. These tweeds have been endorsed by brooklyntweed and, after reading the lengthy description on the Beaverslide site, I now think I need to come up with something to knit in tweed. Apparently "mule-spun" means that it's extra-wonderful. And it involves mules.


Musk ox

Chances are you've heard of Qiviut. Chances are higher that you couldn't pronounce it properly until after reading that Wikipedia entry. I saw a stand of it at Stitches East but refrained from buying any. But here it is in gorgeous colorways, from a(n apparently) well-known (in Canada) clothier.

image property of and from Project Himalaya.

Himalaya brand yak is available exclusively through yarnmarket.

Finally: VICUNA.
image from Colorful Stitches.

It's a sign you've been buying too much yarn when $310 doesn't seen so bad for 217 yards of the world's finest fiber. HERE IT IS.
Vicuna is the holy grail of animal fibers. It doesn't get any better. I'm still waiting, though, for some revolutionary fiber to be discovered in a heretofore overlooked animal, like squirrels or bears. Hey, all you'd have to do is round up the black bears and shave their bellies. It can't be that difficult. The entrepreneurial among you could start a grizzly bear farm. I could go for that. Courtney's Farm-Raised Grizzlies. And I wouldn't have to buy a guard llama for them, either.


Pearls Mother said...

you saw Qiviut and didn't buy any,
I'm impressed, i wouldn't have that much self control!
I have the arctic lace book and it's so tempting to just blow the budget and order some Qiviut.
Glad to see you've joined the Mystic Waters KAL.

Brahdelt said...

Courtney, I don't have your email so I decided to leave the comment on your blog - you asked to be informed if I want to sell my "Girl Loves Cooking" painting - so here it is on ebay now! *^v^*
Link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZmadame_bizarre
I'm working now on more paintings from the series, so expect more soon on my blog! *^v^*

CraftyGryphon said...

I got to see Qiviut first hand at Stitches East... and was saddened to discover that I'm *more* allergic to it than wool. (Musk Ox must be closer to horses, genetically, than sheep are.)

At least I'm not allergic to Rabbits!