06 August 2007

Blue Baby Shawl...

I finished the Blue Baby Shawl on Saturday. I'd write more about it, but I think I'm having some sort of postknitum depression over it. Sentiments run something along the line of, "Oh, goody, I'm almost finished! *pause* Hooray, it's finished! *pause* I'm sad that it's finished. It's been off the needles three minutes and I miss it already. NOTHING WILL EVER BE GOOD AGAIN."

Readers will be glad to know I'm rebounding with a mitten. Oh, we might look rather cozy but I have to admit--it's just for the knitting. Nothing I can get too attached to--a casual, easy, give-away-to-charity fling. It's cute; it's soft; it's good for curling up with on the couch for a few hours' diversion... but at the end of the day I can stick it in a FedEx bound for Kansas, or South Dakota, without any regrets.

(If only men fit in FedEx boxes.)

Photos coming soon.

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