07 August 2007

Hurrah! It's New Insanity Tuesday!

I have been seized by the desire to knit Shetland Lace. Excellent examples of this at Heirloom Knitting.

This desire is apparently blind to my past attempts at lace knitting on size 6 needles. That, or it assumes that since I failed dismally at knitting lace large-scale, I simply need to experience it on its proper scale, using a string of carbon nanotubes cobweb weight yarn and visible under 1000x magnification size US00 needles.

(Maybe if we ignore it, it will go away...)

Ok, but seriously, I'm going to take pictures of that Blue Baby Shawl soon. And I'm going to cast on for a new project as soon as I'm not insanely busy with work and school... I should get around to a proper knitting update sometime this weekend. What will be in that proper update? Well, there's a certain cast-on I want to share with you... maybe some New Project Goodness... but you'll just have to wait...

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