27 April 2007

One down, one to go... and a little bitta spinning.

Saith the Knitting Goddess: "It's pink!"

Cast on for the second Diagonal Rib Sock... Oh, how I wish that "cast on" were a verb in that sentence, and not a noun. Four times I have done a tubular cast-on over double needles -- the instructions say to cast on over double needles, and I am a huge fan of tubular cast-on edges in the final product -- and four times, when I try to divide over three needles and join for working in the round, I have dropped, twisted, or generally lost/mangled the stitches. At this point, I'm getting a clearer picture of what my personal Hell will be like:

* Upon arrival, the demons give me a brand-new iPod, stick the earbuds in my ears and press play. The control wheel and screen fold up and vanish, leaving only a one-line display. The playlist is called, "All Bob Marley, All The Time."
* My first activity is an endless viewing of "You've Got Mail."
* I will be forced to knit tirelessly, no matter how much my wrists ache -- USING ONLY ACRYLIC YARN.
* The majority of projects will be knit in the round on dpns, beginning with a tubular cast-on over double needles.
* Remaining projects will be king-sized bedspreads using fingering-weight yarn on US2 or smaller needles... and all begin with a tubular cast-on over double needles.
* Occasionally, a demon will change the film reel to substitute another mindless, fully-predictable, schmaltz-laden chick flick.

Okay, that's enough contemplation of eternal horrors for one day. I'm considering doing a basic continental cast-on..

In happier news, here's the completed Sock 1:

and here's one last shot of my pink yarn in progress:


Nancy (from spinning class) said...

The yarn looks awesome! I grabbed the double treadle this week and what I'm making is actually starting to look somewhat like yarn too! Can't wait 'til next week - definitely feeling like some fun colorful roving will make it even more fun. Do you think you'll have any extra room on your sherpa??

cecilia said...

Oh, knitting goddess, if you knit me a pair of socks, I will sacrifice this banana split with whipped cream, cherries, and three kinds of syrup on top.... where it will digest in my stomach, in your divine honor. And that's a promise. ;-)