12 April 2007

Coming Soon... er... Eventually...


arriving in June. June-ish. Maybe May, or possibly July. When it's totally fabulous and ready for launch. You'll know because I'll post about it, and there will be days of feasting and merriment throughout Knit Goddingdom to commemorate the occasion, and there will be sunshine and rainbows and birds singing "All Creatures of our Goddess and Queen" in chorus. And free charred, roasted and buttered ears of sweet corn followed by peach pie with vanilla ice cream on top eaten by people lounging about the lake commenting on how lovely it is here in the summer, and how much more summery it is now that courtneyknits.net is launched and yes, I do believe I'll have another glass of iced tea or lemonade. And when the sun goes down, the terraces will be lit with candles and torches, and when the last bottle of Champagne has been drained and the smoke from the cigars and fireworks has cleared we will sprawl out on the outdoor furniture and stretch out on the retaining walls and gaze up at the stars and remark on what a good day it has been.

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