07 July 2008


You may be wondering why my internal monologue is set to a continual, "SQUEEEEEEE!".

On second thought, I hope you aren't wondering that, because if you were wondering that, that would mean you could understand my internal monologue and that would probably be really bad. Oh, and by the way, I think your new haircut is really flattering. Please totally forget what my internal monologue said earlier -- and no, that is not -- NO IT IS NOT a lie. SHUT UP, INTERNAL MONOLOGUE!


Anyway, the constant SQUEEE! is because I am signed up for Insubordiknit's artyarn spinning workshop this weekend. It is Jacey's last workshop before she packs up and leaves and takes her profound spinning knowledge with her moves to the midwest. I will learn to make wicked cool yarns that are actually knittable/crochetable.

I already have this vision of spinning up a black sparkly yarn with needle-felted 3D kissy lips (a la the eyeball yarn) and maybe some black feathers and calling it, "Voulez-vous crochet avec moi?"

No, I don't have a wheel yet. Patience, young Grasshopper. I'll get one some day (hopefully sooner, but since I'm about 80% sure I want a Schacht Matchless, it will probably be later).

BUT SRSLY YOU GUYZ! Check this stuff out!

image from / property of / spun by insubordiknit.com

I will be sure to take lots and lots of pictures and eventually put them up in a post for you -- so look for that next week!

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NStreicher said...

Courtney - I'm going to Jacey's workshop too!!! We should carpool - drop me an email if you're interested.