04 July 2008

New Beginnings

Hey, it looks like somebody was bitten by the fangs of the Cast-On Fairy*, or hit over the head with its wand, or something like that. I became so tired of knitting #$(%*#% dishcloths. In the back of my mind, I knew I was just biding my time until THE NEXT BIG PROJECT came along.

So, the other Saturday I was in Eleganza and I milled around the store for a bit... I started flipping through the Spring/Summer 2008 VOGUE Knitting. I saw the Medallion Top. Kristi had the yarn in stock in two potential color choices (the blue is my first choice, but I'm happy with the iced lavender). I bought the magazine and the yarn. NEXT BIG PROJECT: FOUND. 8-st Cable? 2 cable needles at once? Bring it on!

I bought some other things, too... such as the Stitch of the Day perpetual calender. Swatch in progress is from the Yarn of the Month Club, which ships out samples of yarn enough to make a full-size swatch and satisfy the knitter's lust for novelty. It's great because you don't have to commit to a full skein, or stand in the yarn shop fondling it, thinking, I think I like it, but what the hell am I going to make with it? and will I like it once I start knitting with it? Thank you, Yarn of the Month Club, for enabling me to fill the gap I created for myself. ;-)

Olive by Zaol
100% Tencel Color 1224 8 sts/inch on US 2s.

I love my Jenkins #2s. Check out those tips!

I'll have better photos up once I have some time and remember to shoot photos in daylight.

Medallion Top from VOGUE Knitting Spring/Summer 2008
Cascade Pima Tencel
(50% Peruvian Pima cotton, 50% Tencel)
Color 9514
-- color altered in this photo -- still not right but close enough

Sirdar 1521
Reynolds Kids Wash Day Wool

100% Superwash wool (and soft!)

Color 5623

closeup of the pattern.

*The Cast-On Fairy is begging for an illustration, isn't it?

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