09 June 2008

Something Old, Something New, Something in Kentucky

I took a whirlwind trip to Louisville, KY the other weekend. I flew in Friday afternoon, joined friends for a wedding rehearsal dinner Friday evening, attended the wedding on Saturday, stopped by the reception and flew out Saturday afternoon.

Between my arrival on Friday and the rehearsal dinner, I went downtown to do some sightseeing. I discovered that Louisville revolves around three things:

1. Horse Racing

2. Baseball Bats

3. Penguins


Decided to edge the short-row ring wrap with loopy mohair in the same colorway:

And something new: My grandmother pulled me aside a couple weeks ago and asked me if I knew how to knit dishcloths. Apparently a friend of hers has some hand-knitted dishcloths and loves them, and now my grandmother wants some. Yeah, grandmom... I think I can handle that.

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