13 March 2008

Political Post

Disclaimer, since we live in a world of oversensitive pansies who like to misinterpret things and feel like victims and whip out lawyers to sue people over things that don't matter: If you don't like what I have to say, that's okay. I'm not out to deliberately hurt anyone. If you disagree with my ideas, that doesn't bother me. You are as entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. The following is my opinion.

responding to this article, and specifically the following quote:

"Obama's proposal would shift the tax burden toward the rich from low- and middle-income workers. "

He's just telling his voters what they want to hear. Nobody wants to hear that the top 1% of Americans pay 90% of ALL income taxes in America. Nobody wants to hear that low-income workers don't pay jack shit in taxes -- the poorer you are, the more tax breaks you get -- bottom line, they are POOR. The rich are already paying 60-70% of their income in taxes, people -- to take care of people like you. How would you like it if 60-70% of your year was spent working to support people you don't even know? Think about it: seven months of work -- seven months of time spent away from your family, seven months spent busting your ass, seven months under stress to make it work -- sucked out of your bank account and sent off for someone else to squander.

Oh, but it's okay for the rich to pay so much, because they earn so much, right? No. It's called a scale of proportion. Taking 60% of someone's income is taking 60% of someone's income. It's no more right to steal a car from a rich person than it is to steal a car from a poor person. The object changes, but the deed is the same.

So, here we are, with the wealthy not being allowed to keep 60-70% of their earned income. Last time I heard about people working to produce a product that they couldn't keep and from which they could not gain, it was called slavery. This is the slavery with mass appeal and a friendly face -- let's enslave the rich through social engineering and government regulation, and we can all feel good about stealing from them, because they're rich, and we all know that being rich means they must have done something bad, immoral, or evil to get there! So let's take it, because stealing's okay when it's done to someone else! Let's take it, because envy means entitlement!

It leaves me to think: Do you people want it all? DO YOU WANT IT ALL? COME AND TAKE IT, BITCHES. Suck us dry, and see if you like it when the teat drys up and there's nothing left for us to give.

Nobody likes to hear that the wealthy are what keeps an economy going through recession. They are the people who are spending money, buying products, stimulating tourism, keeping people employed. They put money back into the system so it keeps going. The wealthy pay, and they pay, and they pay... and no one wants to acknowledge that, because we need to feel something, instead of think about it.

But that's not what the masses want to hear. They want to hear me say, "Yessuh, I go pay my taxes now. Yessuh, I pay 'em good."

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