07 March 2008

I aten't dead... full edition.

Last Saturday, I went to tea at Serenity Tearoom (click here for Teamap link) with my cousin and my grandmother. I'm a huge fan of Serenity's teas. They are second only to the Leaf Tea that Lindy sent me from Australia (their Baileys is bar none the most delicious flavored tea EVAR). The food at Serenity is excellent, the teas top-notch and the service impeccable. I have to say, though, that the miniature chocolate éclairs at Cafe Anglais are still at the top of my dessert tray rankings.

After tea, we went shopping downtown. I bought a hat (suprise). It's brown felt, which means it's a cool-weather hat, so I don't know how much I'm actually going to wear it... but I love it.

ETA: I wore it today (7 March) and it was great!

I stopped in one of the little bakeries, PROOF, and bought a brioche à tête to take home. It was fantastic. Yum yum yum yum... I want another. I also bought two cupcakes: one carrot cake and one red velvet. The carrot cake was delicious; the red velvet so-so. I liked the icing on both -- cream cheese, a little tart, not too sweet. Just right.

Knitting News: I finished the capelet. I edged it in Glitter, a mohair/sparkle 2ply. Next step is to find an appropriate closure. I'm thinking about either doing buttons in silver, or having a glass closure made, such as those from Moving Mud. All I have to do is send them a fiber sample. This may work out, since I have total about 4.5" of yarn left, in two pieces.

Eleganza Yarns is participating in a sock design contest. Monetary prizes. Check it out. Entry forms at the shop, as well as this link. Those of you who like knitting socks -- more power to ya.

Chugging along on this little sweater for my nephew... trying to get it done by his 1st birthday (end of March).

On Wednesday I mailed off my Pratchgan squares to cherryred in Scotland!

BS Johnson's PAPCaRTAW-IMGP1781

I was called in to angel for the Ankh-Morpork Knitter's Guild "I'm just sending this box so my partner can have cardboard for their boots and I was guilted into putting stuff in it" Swap. This weekend will be shopping and putting the parcel together. And uh, knitting something for it (such as... uh... dishcloths on size 20 needles).

Other food news: I had lunch at Tuscarora Mill in Leesburg (VA) today. If you go there, have the pumpkin ravioli. I'm not easy to impress... most of the time I eat out, I'm disappointed... and I was impressed with this dish. Pumpkin ravioli with asparagus, roasted parsnips, broccoli and parmesan in a cream sauce. My taste buds were dancing. It was the kind of taste sensation you just want to linger over. I had a bite of my date's portabella burger (get it with goat cheese instead of brie) and that was good, too. Okay, I know this is a knitting blog, not a "wonderful things Courtney's eaten lately" blog... so that'll be all for now.


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Anonymous said...

Way cool hat! And what a cute sweater - did you knit that?? Me likes. :)