27 December 2007

Finished Holiday Sweater (brought to you by We Hate Sheep)

Instant Holiday-Knitting Gratification... I saw the link on Ravelry but didn't try it out until I saw Crafty Gryphon's masterpiece. Here's my latest FO. I call it,

"I Can Has Nu Lite-Brite Pls?"

The chipper elf conveys his holiday cheer
at having tangled those lights you spent three hours
carefully winding onto those plastic wheel thingys from Frontgate.
Also, nothing says, "Hey... Do you smell that?
Is Grandma burning the Christmas turkey again?
Damn it, Helen! Just for once, I'd like a bird
that wasn't fossilized for Christmas dinner. Is that too much to ask?"
like socks roasting on an open fire.

make your own holiday heirloom sweater at We Hate Sheep.


blogless nina said...

I'd ask you to knit me one, but I get the feeling I'd have to provide at least two forms of government-issued ID and wait three days before wearing it in public.

CraftyGryphon said...

Wheeeee!!! Oh, I like yours best!! (I can has nu litebrite 2?)

Pearls Mother said...

I love it!!
Is it too early to order one for next year?
happy Holidays.