19 February 2007

I went out on a limb

with Noro Silk Garden. This is a stretch for me because the yarn is: (a) part wool (b) variegated and (c) in jewel tones. Normally I shy away from wool because it's so itchy, but it was the recommended yarn for the entrelac class I took at my LYS yesterday. The lesson was Sarah James' Entrelac Pillow, on US6.

Entrelac is a funky sort of knitting which can create the illusion of basketweave. Mine looks rather like Joseph's Amazing Jeweltone Dreampillow. The technique is easy once you learn it. Supposedly knitting backwards is useful here. Knitting backwards is something I can take or leave. It's a bit faster once you get the hang of it, but not essential--and unless you have wrists of steel, it gets tiring. I'd like to do an entrelac pillow in a solid... maybe all-white. I'm a fan of whitework and matelassé. I'm also considering doing some neutrals... maybe camel-hair. mmm... camel-hair... arghghhgh....

Pictures when I finish... probably tomorrow.

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