31 December 2008

Christmas, In a Nutshell

teensy tiny saucepan
for reducing black raspberry jelly down to jam.

sheep cookies (because I can)

Then I cut out a LOT of snowflakes.

(l) black raspberry jam cookies
(r) red raspberry jam cookies

peppermint cookies

slightly blurry Christmas tree.

I sewed buttons on the Autumn Leaves Capelet:

And I cast on for Anne Hanson's Starlight Lace Wrap.

That's all for now -- see you guys next year!


Bonnie said...

Awesome cookies! Best wishes for a happy and productive New Year.

CraftyGryphon said...

Okay, those sheep cookies are just the cutest ever! (I love cookie photos. No clue why...)

DBF said...

Those may have been the tastiest cookies ever!

Anonymous said...
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