09 May 2008

Morning's at Seven, Breakfast's at Seven-Thirty; Hill-sides Dew-Pearled, Necks Pearl-Dewed.

It rained:

Crest of South Hill

Springtime came to Knit Goddingdom:

The Imperial Pond, looking South

I put on my new gardening shoes:

Royal Horticulture Society Clogs in "Peaches" by Hunter Boots

And I built a compost bin out of palettes, steel L-brackets and some screws.

I also bought steel strap hinges; door to be added.
I love me some power tools.

Sunset on the North Hill:

I finished my Nutkins, and here's proof:

And, riding that wave of accomplishment and desire for a new challenge, I picked up this:

100% merino, 440 yds, colorway, "Blockhead," hand-dyed by Handspun and Dyed Too, on etsy.

And with help from my LYS and Melissa Morgan-Oakes, began knitting two socks at once on a ridiculously long Addi Turbo.

Some ancestor of mine on my mother's side made this table.
There's a story/history that goes along with it.
I don't remember what it is, but I could probably make up a pretty good substitute.

Next time:
  • MD Sheep and Wool Pillaging Purchases Revealed!
  • Roving before and after pictures! Silk and wool like you've never probably not often seen before!
  • And much, much more!

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